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Michael Fassbender with flowers in his beard


my contribution to tumblr’s latest trend 

sorry if this has already been done

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Outtake of Jennifer Lawrence for Marie Claire.

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i fucking love scripts.

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The ladies of Hannibal

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photo by greg williams. for esquire

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I’m a little shy. The idea of going up to a guy and initiating something makes me uncomfortable, but I’m trying to get better at it.

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Marcin Mozdzonek for bari18pl ♥

"When you live with an athlete, you know that winning is one of his most important dreams. But we win and we lose. We’ve already celebrated many victories together. This time, Spain had no luck. Clearly, Gerard is upset, but… I have my ways to comfort him. "(x)

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You’re a great friend, Hannibal.

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